Glaxstar announces XUL School

Ian Hayward, co-founder of Glaxstar (of Glubble fame) has announced the launch of XUL School an online education program for developers and enthusiasts interested in learning Firefox add-ons development at a professional level.

A 95-page tutorial e-book (in PDF format, $19), aimed to newbies and experienced developers alike, teaches “how to write industrial strength Add-on code while ensuring you remain a good citizen to the Firefox Add-on developer community”.

XUL School will also offer an e-course consisiting of eight exercises sold separately each including e-mail tutoring by a Glaxstar engineer. Students who successfully complete the eight courses, will attain XUL School certification. Pricing has not been set yet.

XUL School is coming next October, but interested community members can sign up for the first available course slots.

Glaxstar’s initiative is a great opportunity for developers eager to learn Mozilla technologies and prefer a fast track, all-in-one-place approach.

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