Get full screen native video in Firefox 3.5, then skin it

By now you probably know that one of Firefox 3.5 main features is the ability to show video encoded in Theora format natively, that is without the need of a plugin or any other software.

As good as this is, it has no option for showing the video in full screen. But as usual, it didn’t take much time before a extension came to the rescue to provide the necessary feature (in fact it has been available before Firefox 3.5 final).

Full Screen Video, by Dao Gottwald adds an option to video’s context menu to view a video in full screen mode. Right-click, select and watch.

Full screen video extension

There are a couple of caveats though: the video restarts when switching to full screen but I found it to be a problem much less annoying than I thought it would be. Also, full screen is only achieved on Windows. On other platforms it’s just a maximized window.

And if you don’t like the native video controls or get bored of them, you can customize them as almost everything else, Firefox audio and video controls are customizable (more work for theme authors!).

Long time community member, Ken Saunders, has released some cool skins you can try simply editing your userChrome.css file in your profile folder. Check Ken’s cool video player themes.

Firefox 3.5 video skins

5 thoughts on “Get full screen native video in Firefox 3.5, then skin it”

  1. Does anyone have a url of a sample html5 embedded Theora formatted video? I’ve been unable to find one, understandable since the feature is brand new. Thanks.

  2. OK! Thanks anonymousJuly 🙂 Indeed, and more than one sample. I had googled half an hour and hadn’t found anything.
    Now I’ll be able to test the ‘Full Screen Video’ extension. BTW, the author of this extension has updated it to version 0.5 on his website :

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