Get creative and Impact Mozilla

Mozilla Marketing has launched its latest contest open to all people and start-ups interested in helping Mozilla improve its current Firefox retention rate (25%), that is, the number of people who keep using it after downloading and installing it.

The contest will roll out in two phases. For the first one, due on October 24, participants must provide a 2-page executive summary of their project that should stay within a $10,000 budget. Mozilla will choose which proposals advance to the next phase, and participants will have until December 5 to submit detailed descriptions that will be presented to the community for final voting.

The winner will be announced on December 19, and will have the opportunity to execute and lead his project and get a $3000 prize.

For complete details, check Impact Mozilla.

4 thoughts on “Get creative and Impact Mozilla”

    1. If you think about what kind of reasons there are to download Firefox 25% isn’t very surprising.
      1. I heard of Firefox and would like to try it
      2. The geek installed it for you and said it was nicer/better
      3. I like Firefox and install it on every pc I use
      You have to convice 1 and 2 to keep using it in a very short time. How would you convince someone that thinks that the blue E is the internet or ‘good enough’? I think a short commercial for Firefox would work great. You just have to convince the people to take 3 minutes to watch the video which they do all the time on youtube. In 3 minutes you can show: tabs, popupblocker, anti malware, passwordmanager, themes, extensions, sessionrestore, automatic updating, speed, memory usage, cookie manager, safety features, awesomebar, bookmarks, rss support, portable firefox, zoom, spell checker, offline support and of course the webpages Firefox makes possible.
      Even if the clueless user picks up only 3 of those features that he thinks are interesting he still wants to try Firefox AND those features.

  1. Make the browser immediately relevant to the user’s interests and you’ve solved a big part of the retention equation.

    Brand Thunder is doing this for Firefox today. We work with major brands and integrate their look, feel and content into the browser in a single download (both theme and extensions). For the end user, they get a Firefox browser that is immersed in their favorite sports team, band, news site or any number of topics.
    Feel free to check out some of our work at

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