Fun with pictures and Kyoote

Want to spice up that funny or interesting picture in the web you just found before sharing it? Great, because Kyoote was created just for that.

Install it, right click on any image, enter some text at the top, center or bottom, align it, and there you go. The image is updated with the text, ready for you to save it and share.

It’s a very first attempt by its developer, Cesar Oliveira, of Prism fame, so you can’t set the font type, size or color, which is pretty much all I’d like to see added, to keep it simple.

Kyoote is available at Mozilla Add-ons but you will need an account as it is still marked as experimental.

One thought on “Fun with pictures and Kyoote”

  1. Percy, I think you need to mention that the above extension is working with Shiretoko (Firefox 3.1)

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