FoxWorld Firefox theme for the clean types

Here’s FoxWorld, a modern, elegant Firefox theme by akgo, for those who prefer modern and elegant. Some of the secondary icons still missing, but a very nice approach indeed.


Available at the equally cool and revamped Mozilla Add-ons.

4 thoughts on “FoxWorld Firefox theme for the clean types”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been using the Sky Plus theme ever since I heard about it from here. But that theme hasn’t been updated since forever, and now is especially a crucial time since I found out the new HTML 5 videos actually _need_ support from the theme itself… Simply bumping the compatibility info won’t do anymore.

    Now FoxWorld is decent but it just has one little issue with my setup. Since I deactivated the Themes service in windows xp, I basically run with the old classic windows theme and it uses this massively ugly eyesore of a scroll bar…
    And FoxWorld appears to be using the native scroll bar from the OS, so it looks _really_ ugly on my setup.

    Anyone knows how I steal Sky Plus’s scroll bars and put them into FoxWorld?

  2. Well, you posted as anonymous but you’re a Mozilla Links reader so give this a shot.

    Either copy and paste the text into your userChrome.css, or add it as a new userstyle in Stylish.

    Not sure if I covered everything such as the print preview window, but it worked just fine in Fx 3.5 RC2.

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