Foxkeh finally (almost) plays football!

Foxkeh playing kemari

The Mozilla Japan team has proved itself once again. Continuing the Olympic Games theme for this year Foxkeh calendars, March features Foxkeh playing Kemari, a traditional Japanese sport that resembles modern football.

There’s the kariginu (the traditional uniform), the mari (ball) and plenty of options to get this cool wallpaper available with or without calendar. And, just because they can’t care enough about Foxkeh fans, available with weeks starting on Monday or Sunday. Amazing! Get it while it’s hot.

One thought on “Foxkeh finally (almost) plays football!”

  1. i wish firefox 1/2/3 would leave me alone if i choose ‘cancel’ when the browser starts and i dont enter a master password.

    if i don’t login then – i shouldnt have access to any passwords i’ve stored.

    anyway that functionality can be built in?


    thats a cool Kemari playing fox

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