Flock is top browser in PC World’s 100 Best Products

PC World has published its 2008 list of Top 100 products as picked by readers and editors. In 6th place, we find Flock, the Firefox 2-based browser that integrates with several social networking sites and other web services:

Sick of having to surf to all your favorite sites and services? Flock integrates Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, Flickr photo streams, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, and blogging tools into a single navigation (and browsing) interface.

In 21st place, and just ahead Safari for iPhone, yet-to-be-released Firefox 3:

Firefox 3, in beta, builds on its predecessor’s strengths by adding better security and new tools for storing and accessing your bookmarks and your browsing history.

Thunderbird 2 also makes the list in the 42nd position.

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