Flock Gloss Edition makes a fashion statement

The Flock guys have just released a fashion oriented edition of its namesake Firefox-based browser labeled Flock Gloss Edition.

From People to Cosmopolitan to The New York Time’s fashion section, it comes with a thick bundle of fashion, health, and gossip links and feeds framed in a girlish lavender theme to please fashion lovers cravings (well almost).

This edition follows Flock Eco Edition, released on April to celebrate Earth’s Day, which also featured a number of environmental web sites bookmarks and a green theme.

Gloss Edition is based on the current Flock 1.2.4 and available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The next major update, Flock 2.0 will be based on Firefox 3 code and is currently in Beta 2 stage.

6 thoughts on “Flock Gloss Edition makes a fashion statement”

  1. Is this browser is a Free Software? (as in, is this Flock’s source code is available to everyone?).

    please respond…

  2. Yes, Flock is open source, licensed under GPL. Instructions on how to get the source code and more is available at http://wiki.flock.com/wiki/Main_Page

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