Flock 2 Beta 2 available now

Flock has released the second beta of its forthcoming Flock 2, the Firefox-based web browser that features tight integration with most of the most popular social web services including Flickr, Facebook, digg, YouTube and many others.

Flock 2 beta 2 is based on Firefox 3 (3.0.1 actually) code base bringing along all the performance improvements and new features including Places, tagging, malware protection, the new location bar, web content and protocol handlers among others.

Other features include an option to manually update a web feed or group of web feeds and notifications when one is updated.

Revver has also been added as a supported media feed provider you can search, search, and subscribe to.

Flock 2 is expected to have a long development cycle according to Flock’s Marketing VP, Dan Burkhart.

You can download Flock 2 Beta 2 from Flock Beta site. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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