Flock 1.2 released, 2.0 beta to follow soon

Flock has released the second review of its eponymous Firefox-based browser.

As announced before, Flock 1.2 (actually and strangely 1.2.1)  brings added support for Digg, allowing users to share a web page by clicking a dedicated button in the location bar.

Flock 1.2 users are also able to set AOL Mail (in addition to Yahoo! Mail and Gmail) as their default mail client for email links and sharing links by email, and to get notifications when new messages arrive.

Pownce is yet another supported service so users can see their Pownce friends in Flock’s sidebar.

While all this integration with popular web services is what makes Flock what it is and differentiates it from Firefox, I can’t help noticing buttons and colors pile up in Flock’s primary interface which at this point already looks too busy for me. Fortunately, toolbar customization (View>Toolbars>Customize…) lets you get the main toolbar and Flock bar back to sanity .

Moving forward, Dan Burkhart, Flock Marketing VP, announced: “Within the coming weeks Flock will release it’s first beta of Flock 2.0, which incorporates the Mozilla technology that powers Firefox 3. So get ready to have all of the latest performance (memory management), security and feature enhancements found in the latest Firefox 3 release.”

It is good to know Flock is getting no rest and they keep coming those betas coming fast. Based on open source code as Firefox’s they can focus on providing the web services integration they aim for and their users crave for.

Get Flock 1.2.1, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

One thought on “Flock 1.2 released, 2.0 beta to follow soon”

  1. When it supports hotmail and myspace let me know 🙂

    Until then, I’ll stick with digsby and ff 🙂

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