Flash Player 9 Update 3 now available

Adobe has released the final version of its Flash Player Update 3, an important update that brings several new features:

  • Mainly, support for H.264, one of the most efficient video encoding available today
  • Hardware based image scaling
  • Full screen support on Linux
  • Support for HE-AAC, an advanced audio encoding
  • Multicore support
  • Support for Leopard (Mac OS 10.5)
  • Support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)

To get the update, available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris, visit Adobe Flash Player Download Center.

At the same time, Adobe announced Adobe Media Player: “the first application from Adobe built on Adobe AIR, [that] will leverage both H.264 video and HE-AAC audio support. Adobe Media Player takes Flash streaming video experiences outside the Web browser delivering more viewing options, such as watching videos anytime, anywhere.”

Adobe Media Player will be available in early 2008 according to the same press release.

Adobe Flash 9 Update 3 press release

Adobe Flash 9 Update 3 release notes

Via Asa Dotzler’s blog.

4 thoughts on “Flash Player 9 Update 3 now available”

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  2. stick with flash 8 player regardless what browser u are using, because there has been some speculation that flash 9x and 10 beta are crashing p11, amd k6 2, and celeron proccesors.
    At the rate the folks at adobe are looking to this issue I doubt they will return flash player to it’s glory universially for like flash 8 🙁

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