Flash Player 9 r47 update available

Flash player infoAdobe has released an update for Adobe Flash Player 9 plugin for all Gecko-based browsers: Firefox, Netscape, SeaMonkey, Flock, Camino, etc.

While there is no documentation on what’s new on this update, it’s always advisable to stay on top and avoid incompatibilities the update may already fix.

To check what Flash Player version you are currently running, enter about:plugins in the location bar. Look for the Shockwave Flash section. You will see the current version as illustrated in the picture above. If you have anything different from 9.0 r47 you are running an older version.

To update, visit Adobe Flash Player Download Center to get the appropriate version for your computer. Once downloaded, close Firefox, and run the installers (most likely you will find it in your computer desktop) and restart Firefox.

2 thoughts on “Flash Player 9 r47 update available”

  1. The keystroke logging problem I think only happens in non-current versions of Opera and Konqueror.

    One of the other problems “potentially” allows remote execution of arbitrary code, which would be more serious than keystroke logging if someone works out how to exploit it. Hopefully nobody will work that out, as I’m sure there are an awful lot of computers out there that won’t get updated to the latest flash player.

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