Flash Player 10.1 with security fix now available for download

Adobe has released Flash Player 10.1, the ubiquitous browser plugin for video and applications.

Besides a number of interesting improvements including hardware accelerated H.264 video decoding and private mode support, it fixes a zero-day security vulnerability disclosed last week, making it a compelling upgrade for everyone.

If you don’t want to deal with Adobe’s traumatic Download Manager experience, here’s a direct download link for Windows users, courtesy of the mozillaZine forums:


3 thoughts on “Flash Player 10.1 with security fix now available for download”

  1. Is this the same as Flash 10.1 rc7? http://www.filehippo.com/download_flashplayer_firefox/

  2. Thanks Percy.

    It would be really helpful to Firefox users if Firefox showed an alert that an update is available for a plugin as it does for add-ons, but, the alert should require user interaction to close it and to get more info (instead of closing automatically like the alert of add-ons), especially when the plugin check page lists the plugin as vulnerable.

    I can’t imagine that many non-tech savvy Firefox users and non-tech news/industry followers will learn of the need to update this plugin anytime soon which leaves them at risk.

  3. F*c*ing Adobe people! The can not provide a 64 bit version! What do they have in brain, really? For them the 64 bit version is officialy dead.

    I only hope FF get a stable version with WebM support to watch sites like Youtube and others.

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