First look to Firefox command line, Taskfox

Mozilla’s Blair McBride, has released a first Firefox build featuring a command line integrated with the awesome bar to perform some basic tasks.

As you may recall, Taskfox, is a project that aims to integrate some of Ubiquity’s command line abilities into Firefox to for example perform searches with inline previews, alter page contents, insert maps, schedule events, share web pages, search tabs, and a very long, etc.

This early release brings all your search engines to the awesome bar: as you start typing in it, search engines which name match the typed strings are suggested, press space bar to select it and then some keywords to perform a search.

Taskfox build

Another command that has been implemented is map. Type it, along with some city or address and you get a map of the area served by Yahoo! Maps.

As an early release, it’s not short of problems. For example if I enter “mozilla links” in the search bar, I’m stuck in the search plugin and can’t move down with the keyboard. Despite this and the limited number of commands, it is very encouraging to see such progress for the next Firefox release while Firefox 3.5 is still in the oven (and ready for Tuesday’s great day).

You can see Taskfox in action in the screencast below posted by Blair.

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