Firefox update with 14 security fixes available now

Mozilla has released a new update for Firefox 3.6. Firefox 3.6.9 features 67 bug fixes including patches for 14 security vulnerabilities, 10 of theme labeled as critical.

So you may want to update before even finishing this post: click on the Help menu, and select Check for Updates…

Now that you have updated, Firefox supports X-Frame-Options, a web server directive that tells the browser it should not load a web page if embeded in another one (through a <frame> or <iframe> tag). This will help prevent some kinds of clickjacking attacks.

2 thoughts on “Firefox update with 14 security fixes available now”

  1. Its good to hear about the latest update in Firefox.Specially the X-Frame option is very impressive since it renders the browser more security from attacks.

  2. I have a problem. Every time I load a program to clean my PC, it erases my logon and password for the bookmarks I have in place on Firefox. Then I have to uninstall firefox and reload it, then go back to each website and re-enter everything. But sometimes I am trying to enter the logon and password and I don’t know how to get Firefox to remember them.

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