Firefox, Thunderbird, Flock, Joost nominated for PC World Top 100 Products

PC World Top 100 2008PC World has opened the voting period for its annual Top 100 Products list, a simple survey where everyone can vote and score as many technology products (hardware, software and services) in as many categories as he finds relevant.

Like past years, Firefox is running in the web browser and web feed reading sections in the software category. Flock also runs in the web browsers section but strangely neither Opera desktop nor Internet Explorer are listed.

In 2005, Firefox took the top spot following its November 2004 release. The next year, 2006, Firefox 1.5 grabbed 12th place remaining as the top voted web browser. Finally, last year, Firefox 2 slipped to place 35 but became the only web browser in the list.

Thunderbird runs in the email application only, but you can nominate and vote it for web feeds reader as well. Thunderbird was 28th in both, 2005 and the 2006 lists.

Finally, Joost, runs in the Video sites section of the web sites category.

You can vote until April 14 and get a chance to win an iPod Touch. (How cheap!)

And while in voting mode, don’t forget to choose your favorite Firefox 3 T-shirt design and score one for Firefox, Miro and Joost in Webware 100.

4 thoughts on “Firefox, Thunderbird, Flock, Joost nominated for PC World Top 100 Products”

  1. gogogo Fx! Extensive voting… The thing could use some tweaking, I don’t know half the applications in the list and I have to rate them all…

  2. PCWorld’s exclusion of some of the hottest items of 2007 such as the HD3800 series from AMD and the 8800GTs from Nvidia, or even the Asus Eee which somehow is not in ultraportable while a Fujitsu I’ve never heard of is cast considerable doubt upon the real validity of this.

    Still, they did have FF3 and it got a big fat 10.

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