Firefox takes 28% market share in Europe

XiTi Monitor has released its latest report (FR) on web browsers utilization in Europe and the rest of the world according to a survey during the first week of July.

All European countries saw an increase in Firefox participation with Hungary showing the most dramatic increase from 27.2%, in the latest March 2007 survey, to 39.7%. Overall, Europe grew from 24.1% to 27.8%.

I’ve been tracking XiTi results for a long while now and the chart below shows the market share evolution for the top 8 European countries.

XiTi Europe 2007 July

At the global level, all continents show a notable increase with South America taking the largest growth to reach 15.5% from 11.9% in the latest report. Oceania keeps the lead at 28.9%.

XiTi Global 2007 July

A recent report by W3Counters showed some similar results at the global level.

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