Firefox Sync coming to Firefox 4

As expected, the latest Firefox 4 nightlies feature Firefox Sync, Mozilla’s service that lets you synchronize your bookmarks, tabs, history, passwords, preferences, and other customizations among devices that support Sync: Firefox for desktops, for Maemo devices, and Firefox Home on the iPhone.

Just like the original Firefox Sync extension, its preferences are integrated with Firefox own options and is only noticeable by a small icon in the status bar.

If you don’t have an account yet, this is  a good time to get one for free and start moving all your browsing data to the cloud. Just install Firefox Sync and follow the instructions to set your account in a few seconds.

Sync fucntionality will be available in the next Firefox 4 beta update, expected for later this or early next week.

Firefox Home headed to the Apple App Store, Sync to Firefox 4

Mozilla keeps putting pieces in place, this time in the mobile front.

Firefox Sync, Mozilla’s Firefox extension and service that stores bookmarks, history, tabs, passwords, and preferences so you can access them all from any computer or device running Firefox has been updated. Firefox Sync 1.4 dismisses the status bar icon and is now only accessible from the Tools menu.

According to Mozilla Lab´s announcement, the new release will synchronize more frequently so it could be too distracting, also it will be better aligned with Firefox 4´s clean UI approach. Firefox Sync has already started landing to Firefox 4, and will be available for all 400 million Firefox users later this year.

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Firefox Home will bring iPhone synchronization

Mozilla has announced Firefox Home, a new product based on Firefox Sync, the rebranded Weave project that enables bookmarks, tabs, and history synchronization among Firefox desktop and mobile editions, for the iPhone,  iPod Touch, and iPad devices.

As you may know, due to Apple policy, it is not possible to make a Firefox version for the iPhone as it doesn’t allow an application to run code like JavaScript.

So Mozilla is at least enabling Firefox users to take their bookmarks, tabs and history. The user interface, which you can see in the video below, implements Firefox’s awesome bar, so you can just start typing and suggested sites are pulled from your browsing history.

A main difference between the Firefox Sync extension and Firefox Home, is that the latter only works one way: your desktop data is loaded to your iPhone, but your mobile browsing data is not sent back.

The plan is to submit Firefox Home  to the iPhone store next month, and become available through the iTunes AppStore soon as it goes through the approval process.