Firefox reached 29% share in Europe

XiTi Monitor has released the latest numbers on browsers utilization in Europe and the rest of the world, announcing it has reached about 29% in March 2008.

Finland, Poland and Slovenia keep leading the pack with 45.9%, 44% and 43.7% respectively. Considering other browsers including Safari and Opera probably have a strong presence in Europe as well, it could also mean that Firefox is used even more than Internet Explorer in those same countries.

Firefox market share in Europe

XiTi also notes that usage climbed to 30.1% on weekends when people is more likely accessing the web from their homes rather than work where company policies may override their personal preferences.

Market share is definitely being grabbed from Internet Explorer which stays in a slow course down. Opera and Opera are the other major browsers growing at its expense.

Globally, Firefox grew in all the continents and Oceania remains as the leader with 31.2% (almost flat compared to February 31.1%). Africa saw the greatest growth with a 3% increase month over month.

Firefox global market share

Full XiTi Monitor March report (fr).

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  3. Unfortunately with the lack of company policies and even government the growth of Open Source, including firefox will be forever slow. But 3% is good!

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