tab bar becomes customizable

The latest nightly releases of come with customizable tab bars, which means you can drag buttons off (like the new tab and list all tabs buttons) and into the tab bar to make it suit your needs.

This can be used to reduce all Firefox toolbars to a single one as shown in the screen shot. Right now there is no way to set a minimum size for the location or search bars and they are just compressed as you open more tabs, becoming unusable when working with more than 7 tabs (in a 1280px wide screen).

On Windows, you can also notice the slightly updated tabs style: more separated and rounded and  more contrast for the active tab.

Important changes are still to come for tabs including nice animations when adding, closing and moving tabs, and Aero Glass for all toolbars on Windows Vista and 7.

12 thoughts on “ tab bar becomes customizable”

  1. I think what would be great is seeing only the tab bar. Then when you click on the active tab the address bar would appear over the tab bar until it loses focus (click on the page). That would allow you to maximize the amount of tabs you can fit while still having easy access to the address bar.

  2. If only they also implemented optional tree style tabs like Opera. Then an omnibar would work very well.

  3. I preffer the Google Chrome Style, Tabs over title bar.

    This new GUI of FX is an abomination. where is the other designs?

    1. Tabs over the title bar is stupid. Also this isn’t what the default layout will be, it’s simply showing a new ability to customize.

  4. I just hate that toolbar background. Even XP toolbars fit better in the Glass Frame. And I think tabs should be over title bar, because the toolbar buttons work for the tabs (If you change a tab, then the back and forward buttons change their function according to the pages visited in the praticular tab). So in my opinion tabs under toolbars is against logic.

    It would be nice if the [right-click > customize toolbars] would have a interface to change the order of the toolbars (move a whole toolbar up or down).

    1. Type in the address about:config

      Then search for preview

      If I’m correct then change browser.taskbar.previews.enable to false and problem solved.

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