peek: profiling yourself

One of the features planned for the next version of Firefox (tentatively named Firefox 3.6, but most accurately referred as is about:me, a specially crafted web page that will let you see your browsing habits profile including most visited sites, time of the day and days you navigate most, how you access sites.

Mozilla intern Magaret Leibovic has already put up about:me as a Firefox extension that shows a couple of interesting and fun (which is the whole purpose of this feature) facts of  your browsing: graphs with your most visited web domains, and the frequency of visits by hour of the day. You can click on the domain names to visit them or click on the bars to see the detail of the visited web pages.


If you want to know a little more about your browsing habits and try a bit of the future Firefox, you can try the about:me extension here.

11 thoughts on “ peek: profiling yourself”

  1. I am sincerely hoping that this next version will fix whatever bugs have plagued the last two releases, which are bugs that cause firefox to crash about every two hours. I love this browser, and I’m excited about the new adds, but it’s long past time to fix this problem.

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  3. It seems that the extension measures number of visits to each site. I wonder if this means that a site that gets refreshed often would have a higher count that a site that is opened longer but does not get refreshed?

  4. please make this a “big brother” addon. if bundled this will be a rare feature i’d use, increasing bloat. or is the intent to add this for future big brother profiling stats?

  5. I disagree that about:me integration into Firefox would be bloated or unnecessary. Mozilla can implement about:me in a lightweight fashion and it would be yet another useful feature of the browser.

    I say it should be integrated into Firefox 3.6 or 3.7.


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