Firefox Mobile concept video

Aza Raskin, one of the human interface experts hired last year by Mozilla, has released a five minutes video of a very early prototype of what Firefox Mobile’s interface may look like.

As you can see in the video below, the design aims to overcome two of the most common limitations in mobile devices: a small screen that translates into small user interface elements and a small content window, and a handicapped user experience compared to desktop browsers.

It borrows a few ideas from Safari on the iPhone and adds tab handling, Firefox’s location bar and most notably handy zoom in/out and access to the navigation buttons scrolling to both edges of the screen.

Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

As Aza notes in the video introduction: “All of the images and videos are only conceptual mockups of an experimental UI for Firefox Mobile, any particular feature may end up looking entirely different, or may not even make it into the final release.”

Firefox Mobile (code named Fennec after a small Saharan fox) is targeted for late this year.

Aza’s post.

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  3. Mozilla, who do I need to kill to get you to make Firefox Mobile for the Samsung Instinct?

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