Firefox included in Google Pack

Google has just released the Google Pack, a collection of applications managed from a single interface called Google Updater.

The pack includes Google Toolbar, Google Pack Screensaver, Google Desktop Search, Google Talk, Google Earth, Ad-Aware SE Personal, Picasa, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Norton Antivirus 2005 SE (including a 6 month subscription), Trillian and Real Player 10.

The suite adds no integration to the tools as they don’t seem to interact with each other and there are even some duplicates like Trillian and Google Talk, both instant messaging applications, though Trillian supports all major IM networks (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ) where Google Talk only does Jabber. It becomes even more confusing considering Google hired recently open source instant messenger, Gaim main developer, Sean Egan. So Google plans in the IM area are still unclear.

According to eWeek, some analysts speculate that Google Pack could be bundled in consumer and business PCs shipped by Hewlett Packard, Dell and Gateway as they already do with the Google Toolbar. Firefox is already bundled with PCs shipped by Dell UK.

This would be great news for the Mozilla Project since it could become an important outlet for its products.

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