Firefox in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Last week, Canonical released the first Ubuntu 10.04 beta, code named Lucid Lynx, which among other important changes, introduces Ambience, the new default theme that replaces the venerable Human which gave Ubuntu its characteristic brown looks.

Here’s a peek at Firefox 3.6 running on Lucid. It looks native which is not the same as looking good. I think the problem is the default Tango icons were not updated to match the new dark title and menu bars.

Also, Yahoo! is the default Firefox search engine in fresh Ubuntu installs like the shown below.

11 thoughts on “Firefox in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx”

  1. I installed this last Friday over my existing Ubuntu 9.10 (which is very good release in my opinion), and love it. Although I am not really a fan of the Ambiance theme, I do like the lighter one Radiance theme, and Firefox looks better in that theme.

    Oh and on a side note, if you change your default search from Yahoo! to Google in the search box for Firefox you home will change to Google search upon refresh.

  2. Why moan about themes when you can remove all icons from Ubuntu and use the keyboard (which is far faster than a mouse)?

    Everyone should know the default shortcuts of Firefox:

    * Ctrl+f Find within page
    * Ctrl+k Web search
    * Ctrl+l (L) Address entry/awesomebar
    * Ctrl+t Open new tab
    * Ctrl+w Close current tab
    * Ctrl+Shft+T Open last closed tab
    * Alt+Left Go back (or Backspace if configured)
    * Alt+Right Go forward (or Shift+Backspace if configured)

    With the above, you can do away with most of the standard buttons (I remove them completely).

    In addition, I install the Hide Menubar add-on which completely hides the (99% redundant) menu bar – pressing Alt toggles hiding of the menu bar.

    With the above you save some screen space – invaluable if you work on a laptop.

  3. Yes. Go to “about:config” and search for “backspace”. Double-click the value and change it to 0 (zero).

    This will map backspace to “go back” and shift+backspace to “go forward”.

  4. Im not able to view some websites which need flash plugin. Sad part is when I tried to install flash through firefox and chromium it says installation failed!!

    Please help. Thanks in advance 🙂 …

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