Firefox Home headed to the Apple App Store, Sync to Firefox 4

Mozilla keeps putting pieces in place, this time in the mobile front.

Firefox Sync, Mozilla’s Firefox extension and service that stores bookmarks, history, tabs, passwords, and preferences so you can access them all from any computer or device running Firefox has been updated. Firefox Sync 1.4 dismisses the status bar icon and is now only accessible from the Tools menu.

According to Mozilla Lab´s announcement, the new release will synchronize more frequently so it could be too distracting, also it will be better aligned with Firefox 4´s clean UI approach. Firefox Sync has already started landing to Firefox 4, and will be available for all 400 million Firefox users later this year.

The other important piece is Firefox Home, an iPhone app Mozilla announced in May, that will allow users to access Sync content from their iPhone through the awesome bar´s quick search interface.

Mozilla announced Firefox Home has been submitted to the Apple App Store for approval and should become available in the next few weeks.