Firefox for Maemo now available for download

Mozilla has released Firefox for Maemo in its final form, bringing Firefox to mobile devices for the first time. It is Firefox: you get the awesome bar, a download manager where you can pause and resume downloads, one touch bookmarking and tagging,  tabbed browsing, the site button for quick security checks, popup blocker, a password manager, the same rendering engine (HTML5, native Theora video, embedded fonts), spell checker, etc.

What makes Firefox for Maemo a product on its own is the efficient user interface designed from the ground up to  take  challenges like having no keyboard, less computing power, or a smaller display while taking advantage of tablets’ touch screens, and handling.

To maximize screen use, the location bar doubles as the title bar, and disappears when vertically scrolling a web page. Something similar happens with the navigation toolbar: it stays out of sight until you scroll it in from the right side.

Firefox for Maemo toolbar

Scroll from the left side and you get the simple interface to access multiple tabs:

To minimize typing, the awesome bar is available and search engines are also displayed among recommendations to quickly perform web searches. You can add more search engines from web sites that offer them (through the site button) or get them directly from Mozilla Add-ons or Mycroft.

Preferences are limited to a few important ones, and some features like private browsing are just not there. You can either clear all your private data or do nothing. There are no options to clear cookies, passwords, or downloads alone, by time range or, for a specific site.

Firefox for Maemo preferences

Just like Firefox, it is extensible, making it the first mobile browser to market with this capability, and there are 40+ add-ons already available at Mozilla Add-ons. Some interesting ones like Hold4Tab which allows to open a link in a new tab by holding your finger on a link, should become default behavior in the near future.

Firefox  for Maemo add-ons

Firefox for Maemo is integrated with Mozilla Add-ons so you can search within the add-ons page. You can install and configure from this single page as well.

Among add-ons, one of the most relevant is Mozilla Labs’ Weave which just reached 1.0 status. It takes mobile browsing to a new level  by keeping your desktop and mobile experiences synchronized: bookmarks, passwords, history, and even your tabs are shared via Mozilla hosted Weave server.

Once Weave is enabled a new Remote Tabs button in the tabs sidebar shows the tabs you have open in your desktops, making it pretty easy to continue any work you may have being doing.

Maemo users go to to get it now in more than 30 languages.

Versions for Windows Mobile and Android are also in development (I just learned that the Symbian version has been dropped)

If you don’t have a Nokia Internet Tablet, you can download a Windows, Mac, and Linux (unbranded) version to try.

To celebrate the launch, here’s another great Mozilla poster designed by The Royal Order, Delicious Designs, and the Mozilla Creative team.

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  1. Great news! I wish I had a n900. However, I am waiting for fennec for android since there isn’t a good browser there.

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