Firefox for Android nightly builds coming soon

Announced just a few months ago after Google announced the availability of the Android NDK which would enable creating a Firefox version for the platform, Vladimir Vukicevic from Mozilla’s mobile team, has released this video showing a very functional Firefox on Android on a Nexus One.

Despite the pretty smooth operation, Vladimir is the first to warn about it’s current stability: “[We] don’t want to have any kind of builds available until we think that our testers will have an acceptable experience (and locking up your phone isn’t acceptable!).”

Still, it looks pretty good, and the best news are that it will be added to Mozilla’s main code repository very soon, which means users will be able to download nightly development builds to test on their phones, Weave support included.

There seems to be big expectation for this platform, and an anxious Android user has even already produced his own Fennec builds. Hopefully they won’t be necessary sooner than later.