Firefox calendars for 2010

To keep Firefox on sight at all times even when your computer is off, here are a couple of 2010 calendars for you to print, hang, and share with your friends, family, and colleagues.

There’s a project for each month. Can you identify all the logos? Can your relatives and friends?

Firefox 2010 calendar red
Firefox 2010 calendar blue

Red versions: Letter sizeA4 sizeA4 en español

Blue versions: Letter sizeA4 sizeA4 en español

Source file (.docx) Note that the Meta Bold font for the Firefox logo is not free, but you can use fairly high resolution logos and wordmarks from Mozilla.

22 thoughts on “Firefox calendars for 2010”

  1. Sorry, but with OpenOffice I could not open the docx of the calendar, it’s design is broken. Whats the programm you build the Firefox calendar with?

  2. Hey I tried converting the doc into a PDF (did that), and then PDF to an SVG so that anyone could edit it, but Illustrator isn’t getting along with the PDF too well. I’ll try again later but perhaps in the meantime someone with a more powerful PC can do it?

  3. Nice, any chance of the source file for the RED Version as I would like to tweak the calendar a little, particualry put the month names and the day letters in Capitals.



  4. It’s really bizarre to use a closed source software to make an open source gadget. And the most bizarre thing is to share it in a closed format as .docx
    Why not to make it in SVG so that it could be opened by Firefox itself?
    Thank you, anyway! (-:

    1. Actually, it’s not that bizarre. Firefox is built with Visual C++ on Windows, and Xcode on Mac OS X for example, both closed source.

      I would have loved to made them with an OS tool (like OOo), and in an open format, but I am not that proficient in those better tools there may be. Time also matters 😉

      1. Although Firefox is built with Visual C++, you can edit the source files using a text editor.
        Well, I wanted to use the docx file to change the Windows version of Firefox with a Linux one. I can’t perform it via OOo, but I find that the docx file is just a zipped archive, so that I could simply replace the file calendario2010_letter1.docx_FILES/word/media/image6.png and zip it again.

        Thank you for your job all the same!

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