Firefox breaks 20% market share mark in October

According to web research company, NetApplications, Firefox achieved 20% market share in two different weeks in last October, for the first time since its debut in 2004.

In the end, Firefox averaged 19.97% for the whole month, half a point up from September where Google Chrome’s debut set it a quarter point back from August. Gains for the month came from Internet Explorer; the now defunct, Netscape, and Safari.

Digging deeper, we realize that the mark was broken during weekends (topping 21.74% on October 26), which confirms a sizable amount of Firefox users at home are constrained by their employer’s IT policies or incompatible web applications, and forced to use Internet Explorer at the office.

In related news, Firefox also got its 700 millionth download sometime during the last weekend showing an accelerated download rate.

Via Blog of Metrics.

3 thoughts on “Firefox breaks 20% market share mark in October”

  1. Nice! Thanks for posting this Percy. I love hearing about how Firefox’s market share is doing. Hope it keeps going up!

  2. Yay! Firefox has 1/5th of the internet space. May it prosper on its way to the next 20%.

    Also, try talking to Google about the ads they send to your webpage…I see ‘download IE’ and ‘speed up Win XP’ ads.

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