Network monitor debuts in latest Firefox beta

The next Firefox beta is out and again it includes a new tool in its ever-growing developer toolbox. This time it comes with a new and long awaited network monitor that allows you to see network activity in the current tab, from html and style files, to ongoing AJAX requests for updated content.


And as developer tools pile up it now makes sense to have a way for showing and hiding different elements from the developer panel. A gear button has been added for this purpose. Continue reading Network monitor debuts in latest Firefox beta

Top performance and better social interaction in latest Firefox update

The latest Firefox update, released today brings several important improvements. Among them, support for asm.js is without the most relevant as it lowers the bar for hundreds of potential applications to run inside the browser enjoying performance only thought for desktop applications until today.

To put it simple: if a developer has a desktop application today, say written on C++, he can today compile it to JavaScript instead of lower level code. Since it is JavaScript it can now be run on the web. The trick is that instead of compiling the C++ code into “full” JavaScript it is into asm.js, a subset that is deeply optimized within Firefox (IonMonkey), resulting in very important performance improvements with minimum time required: Epic was able to port its ubiquitous Unreal 3D engine to the web in four days! Continue reading Top performance and better social interaction in latest Firefox update

Private windows coming to Firefox

If you have always felt like Firefox’s Private mode was lacking something, probably it was a way of browsing in private mode some pages while keeping your regular, non private ones open at the same time.

The time is coming as Firefox nightlies (Firefox 20) now feature private windows where you can browse with confidence that no history, passwords or forms will be kept after you close a private window.

Instead of Private mode, the Firefox menu features a New Private Window item that does precisely that.

Privtae window option in Firefox menu screenshot

Now you can have private and non private windows side by side, and more importantly, you don’t have to close your current session to browse some other pages.  Private window along with regular on in irefox screenshot

An option to open a link in a new private window is also available from links’ context menu.

OPen link in private window screenshot

Private windows won’t be available in final form until April next year according to Firefox’s release channels update plans, but daredevils’ can get it from Firefox Nightlies web page today.