Firefox 4 nightlies get Aero Glass

As part of the deep theme updates planned for Firefox 4, the nightly development releases now feature Aero Glass on Windows Vista and 7.

Firefox 4 nightlies with Aero Glass effect on toolbars

The feature was available first in early April but pulled back soon after to iron some important bugs.

The screenshot above also shows the tab bar above the location bar, an optional layout in Firefox 4, and the menu bar optionally hidden, a feature introduced in Firefox 3.6 for Windows platforms.

So far, Aero Glass does not affect personas which are displayed opaque just as in Firefox 3.6.

7 thoughts on “Firefox 4 nightlies get Aero Glass”

  1. Kinda cool, but it only makes it uglier if the tabs are going to be like that. It has to blend and be one with the theme.

    1. It would look better if the tabs were below the buttons, resting on top of the content window. They will need to adjust it for the tabs-on-top style. Just rounding the bottom edge might be good enough.

  2. I use the direct2d rendering and the Aero Glass feature distorts the whole interface.

  3. Yeah that’s why it’s still a nightly. There are mockups w/ tabs on top and they look fine, so this is only temporary.

  4. hey Rotten-fox, always running after Opera, never able to catch up 😉
    since ages that feature is available in Opera, and looks waaaaay better 🙂
    I never get this phenomenon of how that badly developed, ugly, stealing others ideas and Need-to-install-all-add-on’s-before-i’ll-be-able-to-use-it-browser is so popular? XD
    just great marketing. nothing more 🙂
    Please honestly guys, install both of those browser, give them a proper hard month test and you will see by yourself 🙂
    One thing unites us – the war against M$ and IE monopoly.
    Oh did a mention Opera’s great feature – UNITE? well when FOX will steal it like everything else? we shall see x)

    1. Opera for Windows is a great product, but it appears as if the Mac version get much less attention. I have a list of 11 issues/bugs I found after just 10 minutes of use, that needs to be resolved before I can use Opera (all this works in Firefox for Mac).

      That aside, I agree with a few of your points. Opera invents a lot these days and their standards support is good too. They still have some catching up to do in general (see but they are also leading in some areas.

      Now, you write that “One thing unites us – the war against M$ and IE monopoly.”

      How the hell can you call the browser that freed us from IE6 rotten, in the case? Even if it was light years behind all other browsers (which it isn’t), it deserves respect for that.

      So, to conclude:

      I’ve made several attempts to use Opera, but since it’s too buggy and lacks some features I need, I always go back to Firefox. Hopefully Opera fixes these issues one day and I will be able to use it.

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