Firefox 4 gets WebM support

Firefox 4 nightly builds just got support for WebM, the recently announced open video format, based on Google’s VP8 codec.

Previously, WebM support was only available in experimental Firefox builds that debuted the day WebM was announced, a few weeks ago.

Recently, Google announced a change to the WebM license to address some concerns about losing all rights to the WebM codec code, instead of just the patent license in case Google got sued for violating some submarine patent.

It should become generally available with the first Firefox 4 beta targeted for late June.

More details on the landing in Chris Pearce’ blog.

3 thoughts on “Firefox 4 gets WebM support”

  1. Even though I do use nightly and beta versions, I use the current product release for my default/primary browser so I agree with antistress’s “Too bad” comment.

    I thought that Mozilla was going to start pushing through new features in updates.
    Besides, it would help to make up for Theora being a flop.

  2. Look at – “Firefox 3.5.11 / Firefox 3.6.6″. Here it says “WebM discussion will likely happen shortly”.

    The only interpretation that makes sense to me is that it refers to the discussion whether WebM will be backported to 3.6. And I think there are good reasons in favor of backporting, so I’m optimistic to see it happen.

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