Firefox 3.0.1 update available now

Exactly one month after the original Firefox 3.0 release comes its first security and stability update labeled Firefox 3.0.1, the first also to feature the new three digit versioning instead of previous 4-digit scheme.

The update includes fixes for three critical vulnerabilities including the one reported through TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative program, the same day Firefox 3 was released, that could lead to remote execution.

Another bug is related to GIF images handling on Mac OS X that could also lead to remote execution; while the third one would allow an attacker to launch Firefox with certain unfiltered chrome addresses .

You should be prompted to update in the next 48 hours but if you want to get it now, select Check for Updates… in the Help menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

8 thoughts on “Firefox 3.0.1 update available now”

  1. lol, A security update already?
    You people should really just forget about all this 3rd party software stuff and stick with PROVEN technology, IE!

  2. Balmer is insane, that piece of crap has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. What you need to do is use Safari on Windows. It’s the safest and most secure browser on the planet.

    Better yet, use Safari on a Mac, now that’s what I call security!

  3. 2steveballmer:
    One of my friends who has poor antivirus software told me “I am completely satisfied with my antivir! It hasn’t found any virus since I have it!”…Is it good or bad? 😀 You’re in the same situation – think about it.

  4. ie explorer safe? they still have unpatched vulnerabilities that have existed since ie 4. and safari has a serious carpet bombing flaw which can be easily exploited which was one the patches in this thing. every browser has problems but microsoft ie is the least secure browser on the market.

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