Firefox 3 for Linux theme progress

New Zealand-based summer intern, Michael Ventnor, published today a nice post on the recent work he has done to improve Firefox integration with Linux, one of the operating systems officially supported by Mozilla Corporation.

Firefox 3 Linux theme progress

Some notable highlights as pointed by Michael:

  • It will adopt to the selected Linux theme. In the screenshot you can see Human, Ubuntu’s default theme. It also uses the provided stock icons like those used for error and warning messages, or the close tab button for example.
  • Use of native GTK widgets (text boxes, list boxes) as you can see in the web form.
  • Adoption of other Gnome conventions like placing the previous button first in the Find Bar.
  • Web page images can now be copied to other applications.
  • The Open file dialog shows image previews.

Firefox 3 open file dialog

There’s still work to be done. Some of it is already on the go and should be available for Firefox 3 for a better experience for Linux users.

2 thoughts on “Firefox 3 for Linux theme progress”

  1. Ctrl+wheel worked with FireFox 2.0. With Ver3.0, it does not work. Please leave this feature with FireFox3.0 too. Otherwise, I have to leave mouse to enlarge page and shrink page.(I have five button mouse and Ctrl is assigned to the side button)

  2. wathaby, Ctrl + wheel works for me on Firefox 3 nightlies for zooming in and out web pages. Could it be some conflict with an extension? You may want to try starting Firefox in Safe Mode.

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