Firefox 3 final is here

After a short delay due to overwhelming number of users hammering Mozilla servers, Firefox 3 is here.

Not much to say except congratulations to all the great people who helped make Firefox 3 a reality. It is finally here and there’s a lot to like and learn about it. Check either the full review or a quick 5 minutes review.

Tune in to a special Air Mozilla today at 2:00pm including live broadcasts from Mozilla headquarters, Mozilla Foundation president, Mitchell Baker from South Korea, and Mozilla’s Toronto office.

Get Firefox 3 now, available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux in 45 languages. The clock starts ticking right now and we have 24 hours to set a Guinness World Record for most downloaded software.

Shiretoko is next.

7 thoughts on “Firefox 3 final is here”

  1. May Firefox 3 set a world record…
    Now I am anxiously waiting for Firefox 3.1 – hope to see the location bar and search bar merged together in this new version…

  2. Anyone else having problems where mouse clicks don’t work for things like the toolbar or bookmarks?

  3. what the hec… AVG safe search plugin and Real player browser record are still incompatible with Firefox 3… this
    S U C K S…

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