Firefox 3 expected for June

Mozilla VP of Engineering, Mike Schroepfer, has confirmed that the final release of Firefox 3, currently in Beta 4 stage, is expected for June, a full quarter later than the latest estimate and some nine months past the original.

According to Firefox 3 Beta 5 release schedule, it is being built as I write this and release candidates (except for Windows) are already available. Once builds are ready they will be handed to QA for thorough testing. You can join and help test this release by participating on this Friday’s Firefox 3 test day.

If things go as usual, one or two respins may be necessary and Beta 5 should be out next week. It may then need a month to reach Release Candidate status. Remember Mozilla really means it when it calls something a release candidate: it is what is intended to be shipped. If there’s no showstopper, the build is simply renamed, resynchronized with all mirrors and immediately announced.

May would be the month of release candidates (probably 2 or 3 based on previous releases), making June a sensible (and somewhat easy) target.

Via Wired Compiler.

12 thoughts on “Firefox 3 expected for June”

  1. Does anyone know what Ubuntu will do? They have Firefox 3 beta 4 right know. Will they update Firefox 3 to final in July or will they move it out and use Firefox 2 because it is a long term release?

  2. He make it public on 20th march. You notice it one week later ( ¬¬’

    Don’t worry, and thank’s for the blog 😉

    PD: Excuse me for the spam…

  3. I’m betting for a May release… The sooner the better, though, so it’s probably wishful thinking. I know Fx2 is NOT loosing marketshare right now (as Fx1.5 was back when 2.0 was released) but Fx3 looks so freaking good it’s gonna be such a boom of users… 🙂

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