Firefox 3 Beta 4 now available for download

Firefox 3 Beta 4: the robot has launched

Mozilla has released Firefox 3 Beta 4 in more than forty languages for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Beta 4 feels rock solid but remember that it is a development version and things may go wrong. You may want to backup your profile just in case things may go wrong.

Make sure to read the complete Firefox 3 Beta 4 review to learn what’s new and how to get the best out of its new features.

Firefox 3 Beta 4 release notes.

10 thoughts on “Firefox 3 Beta 4 now available for download”

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  3. Minor improvement over 3v3b (Mac). Very smooth. What I DON’T like?

    * ‘Blue’ highlight around the URLBAR and Google search zone. (Can that be changed via a trip into ‘about:config’?)

    * Goofy BACK button. What — are we three years old?? Return to previous one, please — at least for the adults among us.

    Other than that — nice work!

  4. OK. I take HALF of what I said back (LOL). That enormous BACK button is OK. I now realize that this is the common visual identifying thread on 2 out of 3 Firefox products.

    My last statement regarding the gawd-awful ‘blue’ tinge around the URLBAR and the Google ‘diamond’ really would look best in MY world as Graphite — loike the rest of my UI is set to.

    BTW: Running this on a G4 (PPC) PowerBook 1.5Ghz on OS 10.4.9 and it is VERY smooth. AFAIC you can finish up with beta 3v5 and release as finished. I’m loving this!!!

  5. Is tere anything that FF can do! I’m waiting for like ever to see xml in FF so far …. Zip IS FF v3.4 any good ?

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