Firefox 3 being offered to Firefox 2 users

Last night Mozilla started offering a major update for Firefox users to Firefox 3.0.1, the current version.

Firefox 2 users will have the option to postpone the update for 24 hours (clicking on Later), or start the update right away (clicking on Get the new version). Pressing Never however doesn’t really mean never but “much later” (several weeks) which is what the label should read.

Users will be prompted with an updated End User License Agreement that covers the new malware protection service included in Firefox 3.

You will also be warned if one of your add-ons is not available for Firefox 3 so you can decide to go ahead or not, but I must say if your add-on is not Firefox 3-ready at this point it’s very unlikely the developer is still working on it.

To force an update now, select Check for Updates… in the Help menu now. Remember Firefox 2 support will end by mid-December according to Mozilla support policies that cover previous releases up to six months after the current version release.

Mozilla John O’Duinn already reports 1.4 million updates in the first 6 hours of the push.

For a complete view of what’s new in Firefox 3, check Mozilla Links’ review.

4 thoughts on “Firefox 3 being offered to Firefox 2 users”

  1. AFAIK, many users behind corporate proxies with NTLM authentication are still using FF2 because FF3 is broken in that regard. There is an open ticket on Bugzilla for that. I think they should’ve fixed that first before bugging them to upgrade.

  2. Also a lot of us keep FF2 on work machines for testing purposes. I understand the point of putting the upgrade in users faces, but there are a lot of legit reasons why someone may not have upgraded yet (not the least of which are fickle IT departments that lock down machines)

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