Firefox 3.6 provides easier support with about:support

The latest Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 nightlies now feature a new about:support page that lists important information about your Firefox installation that will help support people help with problems you may have in the future.

Implemented as one of the private about: pages. Enter about:support in the location bar, hit Enter, and you will get a simple web page that includes details like your current profile location, exact Firefox version, links to plugins and build configuration details (about:plugins and about:buildconfig), a list of all your current extensions, and all modified preferences which could signal some incompatibility or forgotten customization.


A single button allows you to copy all the information to the clipboard and then paste it into a support forum or chat window, providing the guy in the other end a good idea of what’s going on.

There’s still a debate on whether the profile folder should be shown or not. As you may know, the profile folder name is randomly named, adding another level of protection from remote access attacks.

This is a big leap for Firefox support not only for SUMO (Mozilla Support), but for everyone who has spent some time helping a friend or relative troubleshoot some Firefox problem.

10 thoughts on “Firefox 3.6 provides easier support with about:support”

  1. @sam, it is indeed in the current Namoroka/3.6b1pre branch nightlies. So Firefox 3.6 will get it unless it is backed out for some reason. See Bugzilla bug #367596 for reading only as bugzilla is not a forum.

    To article poster, the current nightlies were only just changed to 3.6b1pre recently as they are not 3.6 Beta 1 nightly builds, note the “pre” on end. Bugzilla bug #514307

  2. Why not show the profile folder, but don’t copy it to the clipboard with the button? Then put a note next to it saying “this information should only be revealed to people you trust”.

    That way, an attacker would need to get the person to copy and paste it explicitly, and then they might notice the warning. They can’t just say “press the button and send me the results”.


  3. I have only seen FF 3.6 a1 on the download site. Where is 3.6 Beta 1? I saw the development 3.7, but that isn’t it is it? I mean the normal development idea would be for the 3.7 nightlies to be for a higher numbered release. Just looking for a little clarification. I’m currently running 3.6 A1, but it will not allow me to update beyond its current release.


  4. Sam, there have been several delays in the release of FF 3.6b1 because of some P1 blockers not yet resolved in time for the release. I know because I’ve read this:

    and Steve, FF3.6b1 may NOT be out in a week as it could get pushed back a few days. Code Freeze of FF3.6b1 was supposed to have taken place late yesterday but didn’t happen at all. Thus no candidate builds of FF3.6b1 were posted on Mozilla’s ftp server so far.

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