Firefox 3.6 in 2 minutes video, by Beltzner

Firefox 3.6 is expected to be released tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a short video to get to know what there is to kick at in “the world’s best web browser”.

3 thoughts on “Firefox 3.6 in 2 minutes video, by Beltzner”

  1. Good video … it just feels a little scripted. Mozilla videos should be raw, spontaneous and natural. 🙂

  2. It looks great in full screen.

    When I post (open) videos (which isn’t often), I add autobuffer. It’s good for pages where a video is the main content and you expect visitors to view it.
    Hopefully people will read the textual introductory content to the video giving the video enough time to fully load and be ready to go when they hit play.

    I’ve actually used text to stall people.
    “Please read this text while the video fully loads.
    This too.
    And just in case, this also.
    Crank up your speakers!
    Ok, press the play button ”


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