Firefox 3.5.3 update introduces Flash updates notification

Mozilla has released a new update for the Firefox 3.5. Firefox 3.5.3 introduces a number of big fixes including patches for three critical security vulnerabilities.

Also new in this release is a plugin update verification currenlty limited to Flash, Adobe’s ubiquituous and generally outdated plugin. On first run, Firefox will verify the current version of Flash and will suggest and link the update so you can take action.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t perform the update itself, but you have to visit Adobe’s site, and manually download, locate, install and restart Firefox for the new version to work.

However, this is just the first step to improving plugins updating. As Mozilla’s Christopher Blizzard explains, other plugins will soon be included and a page to check all of them at once will be made available later this month, the current Firefox plugin update service will be fixed to handle this. Firefox 3.6 will also include the ability to check for new plugin versions and notify if there are.

Firefox proposed plugin check page

To get the update, select Check for Updates… in the Help menu, or wait to be prompted within the next 48 hours.

9 thoughts on “Firefox 3.5.3 update introduces Flash updates notification”

  1. I’d better prefer to get plugin notification in the standard “tools” – “extensions” window. Without any kind of external web page with the plugin list. Just the same window as the extension list/updates and the additional checkbox in configuration like a “check plugin updates automatically”.

  2. Ok, I upgrade firefox to 3.5.3 on F11 and try a flash page and it says I need to d/l flash. So I click the link and it goes to Adobe website where I select YUM d/l for Linux. It then shows 4.3kb d/l of adobe-release-i386-1.0.1.noarch.rpm and it installs. So now I go to another flash page and it still says I need to d/l flash.

  3. The slow startup bug is NOT fixed in 3.5.3.

    I was experiencing load times of 90+ seconds running 3.5.3. I cleaned out my temp folders and voila! Loads in ~10 seconds.

    So whatever you guys *think* you fixed, this bug wasn’t one of them.

    Javascript is also intolerably slow.

  4. I’m having the same problem. OK in IE8, but FF3.5.3 not compatiable with adobe’s latest version. need patch… quick!

  5. couldn’t care less about plugins! it doesn’t really matter if all your users dump firefox cause it take 9 minutes to load! I have done all the mentioned suggestions like clearing cache and files and the best i now have is a load time of 5 minutes. And finally when it loads it seams to stall every so often. I downloaded opera today might give them a go.

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