Firefox update now available

As expected, Mozilla has released a new update for Firefox. According to the release notes it basically consists of a number of security patches but no detail is currently available on Mozilla Security Advisories page.

Anyway, you can get it right now selecting Check for Updates… from the Help menu.

Firefox updates usually make firewalls suspicious, and you may need to update your settings to let Firefox work properly.

As a side note, I’ve been running Firefox 3 betas and nightlies for so long now that  Firefox 2 looks surprisingly unfamiliar and … old, these days. Despite recent claims, Firefox 3 is not ready yet and you should stick to Firefox 2 unless you don’t mind one or two mishaps.

But who am I kidding? According to latest stats, about 40% of Mozilla Links’ visitors are already using some Firefox 3 version!

Updated: Firefox security advisories are now available: six vulnerabilities addressed, two of them, related to JavaScript labeled as critical.

5 thoughts on “Firefox update now available”

  1. I guess the lack of an update to the advisory page is because other programs with the same problems aren’t updated yet. I don’t know about Seamonkey, but David Ascher blogged about the update to Thunderbird – – sounds like it will be some time behind in getting, I guess, the same vulnerabilities fixed.

  2. @Michael, I’m not sure about that as in the past Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, not to mention Camino have updated several days (or months) afterward but the advisories always come with the release. Perhaps there is some “particularly critical” bug there.

  3. (OT) Funny you should mention that. I too have been using FF3v3b/3v4b for such a while the notion of FF2.x.x.x absolutely seems foreign.

    For the record, I find the Mac (PPC) version on Tiger to be absolutely superb!!!

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