Firefox fixes a handful of security bugs

Firefox update

Firefox update has just been released with stability improvements and fixes for ten security vulnerabilities, three of them labeled as critical, one as high, three moderate and three low, including the chrome directory traversal vulnerability announced last week.

By now, you should have already updated your Firefox. If  not, in the Help menu, select Check for Updates… and follow the on-screen instructions.

4 thoughts on “Firefox fixes a handful of security bugs”

  1. I have leopard os Recently updated firefox and it crashes won’t quit . when down loaded folder was place on the desktop and could not get it off . The dashboard symbol non reactive unless i activate the desktop folder for firefox installation. Help

  2. Help firefox let me down. Just updated for the Leopard os . buggy downloaded to my desktop instead of my application folder. There are dock problems quitting browser problems , non reactvie to my comands

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am still awaiting a reply from my missive to you last week, explaining all the problem I have with Firefox and how it will not load the update.
    regretfully I have now stopped using it as I cannot cope with all the problems.


    0208 654 2582

  4. Hi,
    The page titled Mozilla Links has A box labelled updates. I clicked install now and nothing happens. HELP !!!!! please reply.


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