Final touches to Firefox 3.5 themes

Mozilla’s Alex Faaborg announced that some final touches to Firefox themes in all platforms will be added just in time for the upcoming release candidate.

On Windows, secondary glyphs in the main window (search menu, new tab, tab scroll, tab list) will be etched-in.

Firefox 3.5 theme update on Vista

Linux gets new blocked plug-in icons.

Linux blocked plug-in icons

On Mac OSX, the keyhole background etch was dismissed, and the same could (hopefully) happen on Windows.

Firefox 3.5 theme on Mac OS X

5 thoughts on “Final touches to Firefox 3.5 themes”

  1. The default Vista theme really is quite ugly. It would be much improved by getting rid of the sickly purple background, but I think that’ll probably be there for the forseeable future. Kempelton is recommended as a nice

  2. Yes, I don’t like the “keyhole” idea in Windows theme. It remains me Win3.1-Win95 ugliness. Maybe in future Alex Faaborg will remove it from Windows theme too…

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