Fennec coming for Symbian-based S60 mobile platform

Nokia N95As Firefox Mobile, code named Fennec, approaches its second alpha (due this week), Mozilla’s Christian Sejersen announced today that Mozilla will port Fennec to S60, Nokia’s Symbian-based mobile platform, and the most popular overall, currently commanding about half the total installed base, effectively quadrupling the number of  potential users for Mozilla’s mobile web browser.

Together with the other supported platforms, Windows Mobile and Maemo (Linux for Nokia Internet Tablets), Mozilla will reach about 65% of the mobile market.

Development for S60 is already under way with some of the building blocks like Gecko, the JavaScript engine, and HTML parser already completed and ready for the next steps that include Necko (Mozilla’s networking engine) to get a functional versions by the end of March next year.

While there are at least two major Symbian-based platforms (UIQ being the other), the port will focus on S60 Third Edition (based on Symbian 9.1) and later, which includes the N95, and other Nokia, LG, and Samsung smartphones.

Most interestingly, according to Christian’s post, Symbian is helping Mozilla with engineers to properly size and scope the project, while “Symbian houses”  are interested in contributing.

On other platforms, Christian commented: “There are a few other platforms: iPhone, RIM and Android that have or are gaining market share, where we for technical or licensing reasons can’t be deployed.”

23 thoughts on “Fennec coming for Symbian-based S60 mobile platform”

  1. yeah, i also can’t wait to install it to my nokia e51.
    I hope fennec are free to download, and free to use.. no trial version or etc.. 😛

  2. Any hint where I can download Fennec for Nokia n95? I can’t seem to find any page other then for Windows Mobile (Alpha1 Version). Frustrated.
    Happy to get some help. Thx.
    BG from Munich, Germany.

  3. I really think this will be a great hit and i would really like to know where to find the N95 version of fennec so if any one can post ill be really happy THANKS IN ADVANCE

  4. I have been waiting for fennec for a long time now. Some fora clearly stated that fennec will be out in april 2009 which ended yesterday. Or is it 3009? Please I will require an update on this issue. Can someone give me a link to mozilla contact?

  5. april has ended but there’s still no clue to download fennec for s60 devices though they’ve planned to release fennec for symbian at the end of april. is there anything wrong on the progress?

  6. I think there is a problem, but whatever it is Mozilla has to get back to the public and give us an update.

  7. I have just been reading from one forum where it is stated that fennec for s60 will only be available in 2010. So I forget about it for now.

  8. That would suck if it came out 2010 i mean it shouldn take an entire year to fix the problem, should it?

  9. It’s November already and still nothing. I’m waiting for it unil nokia 5800 has been released, and still nothing. Im thinkig to go for an Opera on my laptop too. This development is taking to long.

  10. hellooouuw, knock knock, fennec 3rd s60 ? Are u sleep ? what r u waiting ? come on hero, we need you…

  11. Fennec for Symbian? Forget about it! Sorry to say that, but it will NEVER happen…

    BTW we have Opera Mobile (no, not that damn slow Opera Mini made in Java – I mean the true Symbian application). Opera Mobile is nice, but a bit hard to operate on touch devices with your fingers. It works better with a stylus. Maybe in the new Nokia N8 it works better if we use multi-touch to zoom links before tap on them.

  12. Everyone has given up on Fennec for Symbian. Just get Opera. It’s fast and stable. Hell, there are even lots of pc users now moving away from FF in favor of Chrome due to FF being so bloated and crash prone anymore.

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