Fancy tab adding and closing with Liquid Tabs

Perhaps you haven’t noticed but one thing Firefox lacks is smoothness. Not in the “coolness” sense but in smooth animations when doing some tasks like adding or removing tabs, raising dialogs, or opening sidebars.

Firefox 4 is expected to bring animations later this year, and while some people may just consider it a computer power waste, if you are into eye candy, and smoothness, you may want to try Liquid Tabs which turns tab adding and closing into cooler, easier animations.

You can set the speed and whether you want to fade in or out at the same time, at least on Windows 7. On Ubuntu 10.04, it was unable to keep my custom settings.

Liquid Tabs options

You can get Liquid Tabs from Mozilla Add-ons.

2 thoughts on “Fancy tab adding and closing with Liquid Tabs”

  1. I’m so much into eye candy that it makes my blood sugar high. 🙂

    I personally don’t care for UI animations. I have them all (or all that I can) disabled in Windows. I like instantaneous responses even if it’s a few milliseconds we’re talking about, but, I think that it’s cool that Firefox will be offering animations because it will be appealing to many users.

    I’m sure that we’ll be able to disable them through about:config or someone will just write an add-on to do it.

    In any event, Liquid Tabs is worth trying out.

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