Buzz it! easy with Firefox

It didn’t take long before we have the first handy Firefox extension for Buzz, Google’s new microblogging service.

Buzz it!, developed by Arthur Sabintsev, adds a button to the Firefox toolbar you just need to press to share the title and a link to the current page via a Gmail post.

A simple extension to help early adopters.

Get Buzz it! at Mozilla Add-ons.

The obvious solution to tab clutter: filter them!

Here’s a great Firefox extension that helps find the tab you’re looking for among dozens. Tab Filter/Tab Search, developed by Tito, adds an option to Firefox tabs’ context menu so you can filter in the ones that match by title, address or both the terms you entered. As you start typing, tabs that don’t match the criteria are removed until you get the wanted ones.

Tab Filter/Tab Search

To get all your tabs back, just press Esc or close the filter bar.

It works really great. My only complaint is that Tab Filter/Tab Search desperately needs a keyboard shortcut to activate the filter bar. (And a shorter name!)

Expand shortened web addresses in Firefox

Thanks to twitter and its 140 character limit, we now suddenly have to care about web addresses (URLs) length. Yeah, whatever. Except that you never really know where that shortened URL will take you and it could easily be just bait to increase someone’s page hits count.

Fear no more thanks to Long URL Mobile Expander, a Firefox extension created by Sean Murphy, that reveals the true destination of obfuscated URLs using the LongURL web service that covers more than 200 URL shortening services. Continue reading Expand shortened web addresses in Firefox

A peek at Firefox future progress bars

Tab Progress bar extension in actionIf you already know that Firefox 3.7 and beyond will feature page loading progress bars in the tabs themselves (making you a true Firefox fan), you may also want to know there is an extension that lets you try this feature about a year before it becomes generally available.

Tab Progress Bar, developed by Frank Yan, adds just this feature which I found so far to be more informational than the old common progress bar in the status area.

Get Tab Progress Bar from Mozilla Add-ons.