Exchange Firefox bookmarks and web feeds

A feature I miss in Firefox web feeds’ support is a way to exchange a list of these with other web feed aggregators including Thunderbird. It is just a pain and shame to have to copy paste as many addresses as feeds as I want to import/export.

OPML SupportOPML Support is a Firefox extension developer by Christopher Finkle that fixes this using the well established and supported OPML format, an XML based language for storing any kind of hierarchical information. Once installed, open the Bookmarks Manager (select Organize Bookmarks in the Bookmarks menu). Then in the File menu select Export. You can choose to export regular bookmarks only, live bookmarks (web feeds) only or both of them, as well as whether you want to keep the existing folder structure or not.

OPML Support will produce a .opml file with all your selected options you can then open with web feeds aggregators like Thunderbird.

To import web feeds into thunderbird, right click the news & blogs item in the all folders pane and select subscribe… In RSS subscriptions, press Import to select the OPML file you exported in Firefox. You can follow similar steps to import them into your favorite feed reader.

Thunderbird web feeds import

This is yet another feature I would like to see in Firefox. Get it at Mozilla Add-ons.

Usefulness: 4/5 – Usability: 5/5 – Features: 5/5