eWeek: Firefox, a technology that changed the decade

eWeek, one of the best enterprise technology magazine, has released a list of 25 Technologies that Changed the Decade, listing Firefox in number 9:

Just a few years ago, the future of the Web and the browser looked bleak. Internet Explorer dominated the market, and Microsoft wasn’t interested in browser innovation. But when Mozilla released Firefox, we finally got real browser choice and innovation. Firefox reignited the browser wars, and today we have more competition and choice in browsers than ever before.

The list also includes 3G, WiFi, AJAX, iPod, Gmail, and other heavy-weight names.

6 thoughts on “eWeek: Firefox, a technology that changed the decade”

  1. If you are an Opera user you should read this as: “Firefox and Opera finally gave us real browser choice and innovation”. It’s just that Opera caters to a niche whereas Firefox to the masses.

    1. Well, Opera has been around *for ever* and never really made any difference in the market. (Although they did spawn a number of good ideas.)

  2. Implying that Firefox is number 9 on the list is a good thing is deceiving. The list is sorted alphabetically, not by ‘goodness’ or ‘influence’.

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