Celebrate 5 years of Firefox!

Firefox 5 years

On November 9, 2004, a brand new product stroke the web, and it changed. After a halt of 5 years , innovation became again part of the game and it hasn’t stopped since then bringing on millions of users, locales, communities, and equally importantly, competitors: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera are all in the game of exploding the web again, and maybe not breaking it this time.

To celebrate, Mozilla is organizing Light the Web with Firefox. Continue reading Celebrate 5 years of Firefox!

Celebrate OneWebDay 2009

OneWebDay banner

Celebrate what the web is today: your communication hub, your way of expression, your hobby, your discovery playground, you name it. At the same time, help raise awareness on the importance on keeping One Web: for people of all languages, devices, nations, and conditions.

Get involved in any of several simple ways:

  • Post about it on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc. Make sure to use the tag #owd2009.
  • Grab a poster here, take a picture of yourself and post it to Flickr, make sure to use the tag #owd2009. Link to your picture here, and you may win a laptop bag!
  • Grab an image here, print yourself a T-shirt and wear it around, or print a mini poster and show it in your car
  • Donate to OneWebDay. Cold cash is also necessary.
  • Share this link to perform an Internet Health Check, where unhealthy means using Internet Explorer 6.

OneWebDay posters

Participate in Mozilla Service Week

This week is Mozilla Service Week, a call to the Mozilla Community to get involved with their local communities and help solve some kind of technical related problem: fixing a computer, a reinstall, installing Firefox, setting up a web site, fixing some images, troubleshooting, and a very long etc.

Mozilla Service Week banner

To know the impact of the effort, register your event/aid at Mozilla Service Week web site, share your story, inspire others. Then come back and report how much time you actually served.

Personally, I have finished crafting a brand new web site for a school in Surco, close to where I live here in Lima, and I will give a talk on Firefox customization tomorrow at Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal in the first CIDSOLI Install Fest, organized by the students’ open source community.

Fast as my browser

Firefox 3.5 will be fast. Twice as fast as Firefox 3 to be precise. The question is, are you in the same league? Not rendering pages or running web applications (now, that would be seriously cool), but in any other skill. That’s what Fastest Firefox is all about.

The latest Mozilla marketing project is asking you to submit a video of yourself performing some task really really fast. Continue reading Fast as my browser

Google, Microsoft and Mozilla gather for first browser add-ons conference

Organized by OneRiot, AdaptiveBlue, and Sxipper, Add-on-Con will be the first conference dedicated to web browser add-ons with people from Google, Mozilla and Microsoft coming together to discuss the future of web browsing.

The one day event, that has Mozilla and Mashable as platinum sponsors, will have Business and Technical tracks with five sessions each, and two keynotes.

Add-on-Con will take place on December 11 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Admission is $150. A portion of the profits will be donated to the One Laptop per Child Project.